Website Building & Hosting

Captain DeeMaking It Easy for Businesses  – WordPress, the platform on which this and millions of other websites are built, allows people who don’t know anything about coding or HTML to create everything from blog posts, to adding photos to updating pages. Websites can be built on WordPress, the perfect platform on which businesses should be building their websites. But that wasn’t enough. From working with hundreds of businesses over the years, we know that small business owners and others are concerned about their time and their budgets.

Making It AffordableThe best solution in the world for small business owners is only as good as the ease MD  Junkwith which they can operate it. That’s why we do the complicated setup work. We add your logo, contact information and build up to five pages for your website. For many businesses, these pages are more than enough to have a successful online presence. For other businesses, these pages are a great start, on which they can build — with as much help from our team as they wish — a truly unique web presence that appeals to their customers and prospects.

CapitolConnectionsMaking It YoursBut the most important thing was making sure that small business owners would own their own websites. Too many companies have been encouraging small business owners to build their sites on their platforms, knowing that in exchange for the low price or free access, those businesses do not own their websites. While free always seems to be appealing, it becomes quite the opposite for businesses who want to expand or move their websites somewhere else. The sites our team build for small businesses and others are ALWAYS owned by the business or organization. The information, photos, blog posts and everything else are always in your control.

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